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Keep The Vibration High

Chef Stefanie Kelly hosts a 4-course, cannabis-infused, dinner party for an eclectic cast of creatives and visionaries.
Each party is themed and each course paired with a new topic, delivering truly candid, unscripted, moments.
Taking Cannabis Culture dining to new highs. Come #vibratehigher with us.

Episode 1

Dinner Guests:

Rebecca Gitana, Lynnette Kaid, Miguel Ortiz, Liza Jesse Peterson, Dwayne Rodgers - Is President Trump’s America Our New Normal? (Episode 1 - Course 1)

Is President Trump’s America Our New Normal?
Course 1 - Ancestors (Episode 1 - Course2 )

Course 2 - Standing Rock (Episode 1 - Course 3)

Standing Rock
Course 3 - What On Yo' Mind? (Episode 1 - Course 4)

What On Yo’ Mind?
Course 4

“Somebody Say” (Outtake)

“Somebody Say”


Dinner Guests:

Jomo K. Alakoye-Simmons, Célia Faussart, Mary Pryor, RAYE 6, Milton Washington

Pilot – Flint, Michigan
Flint, Michigan
Course 1
Infused - Pilot - Access To Media
Access To Media
Course 2
Infused - Pilot - 2016 US Election
US Election
Course 3
Infused - Pilot - What’s On Yo’ Mind?
What’s On Yo’ Mind?
Course 4 - Bruschetta with Arugula Pesto
Bruschetta with Arugula Pesto - Curry Fried Chicken
Curry Fried Chicken

Stefanie Kelly

Stefanie Kelly started out in the kitchens of the west coast, first @ Angeli Mare, helmed by chef/author (‘Pasta Rustica’, ‘Cucina Rustica) Evan Klienman. Once returned to her hometown NYC, she went on to work @ Union Square Cafe, Aqua Grill, Soul Cafe, Brooklyn Moon & others while running her catering business.

In her 28 years of cooking in various kitchens, both private & public, she has fed heads of state such as the Sarkozys of France, Ariel Sharon of Israel & was the private chef for the daughter of Sunny Von Bulow.

Fine food and it’s preparation has taken Chef Stefanie Kelly all over the world, as recently as 2015, when she toured w/Grammy Award Winner D’angelo through US & Europe as the official tour chef of his Black Messiah tour. Ms. Kelly also authors a food column in the online zine Homeslice.

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